We developed our Exceptional Kitchen Soap with two things in mind, removal of all kitchen dirt and grease without leaving skin dry, and to neutralise the strong smells left behind after handling foods like fish, onion and garlic.


Handmade by ourselves, using all vegetable based ingredients, and we have also sourced our coffee from our good friends at Sabin's Coffee ©, who scour the world for the finest Arabica beans, straight from small farming families and co-operatives, ensuring quality and fair trade.  We've therefore used Sabin's 'Fuerza La Labor' (Power to the People) beans for our Honduras Coffee soap, grown at altitude on small farms. We add ground coffee for the texture and aroma needed to remove those stubborn smells. A wonderful creamy texture, with a grainy layer of grounds on top, it looks and smells good enough to eat. The perfect kitchen soap for any foodie, chef, or indeed, coffee lover.


SLS free, no animal oils, suitable for vegans, no animal testing. Approx. 145g

Exceptional Kitchen Soap